Who's behind Mac Vicious Society

Mac Vicious Society is about building confidence from the outside in.

I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Glen Maclachlan and like everyone else I have self confidence issues. I found that when I dress in something that made me look good on me, I started feeling confidant on the inside.

So after a conversation I had with my daughter about dream jobs I decided to follow my passion and start working on my dream job. That dream job was to build a fashion label from nothing into something that I felt would be true to who I am and what I stand for. 

So a little about myself. I’m part Maori and part Scottish with a few extras thrown in there. I call Otorohanga home but grew up all around different parts of New Zealand both North and South Island. Most of my youth was spent in a small forestry town called Putaruru, and my early adulthood was travelling around New Zealand as well as a stint overseas. I now base myself in Tauranga and have settled here for a number of years. I’m a single parent to my beautiful a daughter. 

Well thats enough about my personal side lets talk about Mac Vicious Society.

Mac Vicious Society is not a clothing label but a fashion brand and yes there is a big difference.

Mac: Mac is me, it is you, it is everyone.

Vicious: Sets the mode and style of my fashion brand. Vicious by style, Looking sharp, feeling great and building confidence.

Society: This is the identity/movement of the fashion brand and what direction we are moving in.

Being a one person band:

They say in business you have to wear many different types of hats, that is so, so true. Being in business is as hard as they say. It’s not a build it and they will come scenario.