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Think back to your childhood days and all the creative things that you would come up with, things that you wanted to be when we got older, but as we get older we start losing our creative side and stop following the dreams we set out as kids. 

Mac Vicious University is a fraternity where you can let your creative imagination go wild. A place where no-one will tell you not to follow your dreams.  

Being dyslexic I’ve always found school hard with my learning disability and I had to create different ways to get my head around some of the subjects. It did come to a point where the teachers took these creative ways as being disruptive. I remember like it was yesterday that one of my teachers sat a group of us boys down and she went through the line telling each one of us how unless and unworthy we will be in this world.

Its wasn’t that I didn’t want to learn. It was the way that they taught I had a problem with, were if you didn’t get what they were teaching, you where put at the back of the class and told to do you own stuff. So they could teach the students that got it (The ones that already knew the answers or subject).

It wasn’t until I started my bachelors degree that even thou I found it hard the Tutors were more understanding with my thought process and let my creative side come back into study. So the birth of Mac Vicious University comes to life as a place where you don’t give a fuck what others think and lets you follow your dreams until the end dream is reality. 

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