About us

MVS is about building confidence starting from the outside in.
Finding the right garment is like finding the right love in your life. Find one that complements you, that builds confidence within yourself even when you don't feel confident.

My iwi is Maniapoto and I’m from a small town called Otorohanga in New Zealand. I have spent most of my life travelling around New Zealand and other parts of the world, but have now been settled in Tauranga, New Zealand. I have always had a keen eye for fashion and on completion of a certificate in graphic design and bachelor degree in fashion design I wanted to put my ideas into reality. I have a daughter Aaliyah and she is the driving force behind Mac Vicious Society (MVS).

Our style is a mixture of smart attire with a twist of punk infusion (SMUNK for short).

Mac Vicious is a pseudonym taken from the founder Glen Maclachlan nickname Mac and the infamous Sid Vicious (bass guitarist of the Sex Pistols). Unlike Sid Vicious, Mac Vicious Society is Vicious by style.

We strongly believe in turning a dream into a goals and a goals into reality.

Our aim to be a leading lifestyle brand with an edgy outlook on fashion for both men and women through smart and universal designs. We draw our influences and inspirations for our brand on what we see in the world today, what has happen in the past, to what you might see in the future.

Mac Vicious Society is an open minded society that’s all about connecting people from all four corners of the world.

Having a Mac Vicious brand will make others eMViouS and leaving you looking and feeling Vicious "Vicious by style"