Mac Vicious Society

Mac Vicious Society (MVS) is about creating a subculture within New Zealand, As New Zealanders we like to buck the trend and play by our own set of rules. MVS has been base around two subcultures, these are the Yuppies of the 1980’s and Punks of the 1970’s. The Yuppie culture was base more on fashion and processions movement than the music it was associated with (New Wave). Yuppie men and women were measured by their success weather it was the latest gadget or the a garment make by the likes of Ralph Lauren or Gucci, this made them feel powerful and take pride in themselves. The Punk movement is opposite to the Yuppie subculture, the movement was more about anti-government and causing a sense of chaos with their fashion style of deconstruction to reconstruction with the likes of safety pins to hold sleeves together to hand sewing patches to cover holes in their garments. MVS has taken these two subcultures and have join the together with a mixture of smart attire with a twist punk infusion (SMUNK for short). The garments shown all have a mixture of both with the like of the pants having a slender shaping with contrast stitching to an overall dress that looks smart and clean when up and when the straps are pulled down gives it an edgy appeal.

The best way to describe MVS style is that it has a boutique flair, with a commercial outlook. We can see people walking down the street, in a club or wherever you might be in our garments with other people looking and being eMViouS, as you will be Vicious By Style.